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Currently, Profil Group has a well-developed network of selling a building materials and home goods. In our stores you will find everything you need for building and repairing at competitive prices. We offer an extremely wide range of products – paints and varnishes, cables and electrical materials, bathroom and kitchen mixers, locking systems and fittings, plumbing parts and more. Our partners are only proven names in the industry – Ideal Standart, Legrand, Ceresit, Mauer Locking Systems and others.

In addition, Profil Group has its own import from Czech Republic of accessories and tools for painting and from Italy to plumbing fittings.

Our greatest pride is our representation of latex and paints – Chrotex Greece. For many years now we have been representing the brand, which has become synonymous with quality over time. In this segment of our business activity we are well known in the Paint & Latex brand market.


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  • Latex without heavy metals and harmful substances

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  • Latex harmless to health – suitable for children’s room

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Distinctive mark for high-end interior and exterior latex and paints is the rich palette of colors over 25 000 colors, the ecological composition of the products, the high-performance washable latex coating, non-bleaching colors.

Many customers have trusted our products and many of them are coming back. The Portfolio of Clients of the Profil Group includes both private clients and households as well as construction companies and painting brigades. Numerous homes and buildings have been painted and refurbished with Chrotex products.

Top products

Latex extra for

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Latex artex – ecological cleen

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Latex fungitex antibacterial

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Latex artacryl for exterior

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Primer primex for walls before paint

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The color latex adds a great deal of style and mood to every interior and exterior. Exterior fasade paints and latexes are resistant to aggressive atmospheric influences – high humidity, low / high temperatures, highly resistant to salty air. The interior latex is water-based and is environmentally friendly and harmless to health. Suitable for any room including bedroom. We offer a special series of latex paintings Artex ECO, which is recommended for children’s rooms, homes with small children and mothers in pregnancy. However, the water content of the paint does not in any way affect the quality and the strength. After a full drying of the latex, it forms an elastic satin film that makes the latex washable and scratch-resistant.

Thanks to this satent film of touch, the latex resembles the feeling of touching skin, and it is this topmost resistant layer of latex, which adds to its wet and salty climate as it is in Greece. This top finished, healthy film or coating is due to special resins and water-based adhesives in latex.

Large assortment for every need

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Profil Group offers the full range of products of the Greek brand. We have our own latex paint systems in our retail network. Color paints and latexes are engineered for extreme color accuracy and minimize errors through a Chrotex toning system.
We can color latex, exterior paint or high quality enamel paint with gloss or matt finish in all colors according to RAL system.

Paints provide an excellent matt surface with lightening-resistant colors. Its high coverige capability, combined with a competitive price, makes CHROTEX the ideal solution for home, office, restaurant and more.

Advantages of Chotex

  • Well put on the market and recognizable brand

  • Wide variety of interior and exterior solutions

  • High coverage of latex

  • Pleasant satinised surface after drying

  • Latex does not change color
  • Large color pallete – over 25 ooo differetnt colors

  • Very competitive price

  • Latex is harmless to health – does not contain metals, it is suitable for small children and children’s rooms

  • It is resistant to aggressive weather effects including salt air

  • 100% washing after full drying without traces

  • Paints chrotex are toned by every individual order

  • Special antibacterial Greek latex suitable for baths

  • It can withstand direct pouring with water

Prices of paint & latex

The price is determined depending on the color. A different amount and a different pigment /colorant/ are used in each color. There are colors coming from just a few drops to those with up to a few ml. In practice, the amount of pigment generally determines the final price.
It is a fact that latex chrotex prices are comparatively low for the high-end paint in which it is found and competes fairly well with – Sikkens, Oikos, Benjamin Moore. Acknowledgment of attractive prices and high product quality are the many earned permanent Clients of Profil Group.
Choose a color and we will give you a price at the moment.
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Sample ideas for color combinations

Here are some examples of color combinations of the paints Chrotex. In the colors shown, it is possible to be colored latex for interior, latex for exterior (facade), enamel paints on water and alkyd base. This is a small part of our portfolio of different color combinations.


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