Profil Group is a specialized company for design, production and assembly of PVC and aluminum frames construction elements such as windows, doors, facades and winter gardens. We also offer all types of accessories which provide characteristics of complete products of these constructions. Starting in 2006 Profil Group manufacture and install external and internal cladding and roller shutters. We implement also designer solutions both for residential and industrial construction operations such as:

  • Fixed and open vaults.

  • Triangle form PVC and Aluminium windows.

  • Arches frame and sash.

  • Trapezoid forms.

  • Circular windows.

  • Vault form windows, doors and portals.

  • Quadrilateral glass installation.

  • Doors with arbitrary divisions.

  • Glass drawings, company logo and pictures.

Activity and mission 1


  • Exceed the expectations of customers by perfect quality at highly competitive prices.

  • Provide business practices of innovation and constant development.

  • Maintain highest standards of professionalism, integrity and honesty in our relationships with clients, employees, partners and suppliers.

  • Give quick and adequate answers and find the most optimal solutions for flawless work and satisfied customer.

  • In the entire composition, we are privileged flexible and cohesive structure.

  • Know how to improvise and know how to find a way out of the most difficult moments, namely those that seem unsolvable.

Activity and mission 2