Almost invisible and with a modern clean look for the most demanding customers is the model from the WALLPAPER door series, where the cash register is built into the wall. Flush with the wall and in the color of the wall, this model of doors gives a designer touch to the room of the highest class.

new: Built-in wallpaper type interior doors 2

The compakt series is a collection for embedding in the wall, the so-called type “wallpaper doors”.

The construction of the wing is made of MDF with a primer coating, which allows an additional finish in accordance with the wall around the door. It can be painted with latex, water-based paints, wallpaper or paneling can be installed (subject to the load capacity of the hinges). The frame is made of an aluminum profile that must be integrated into the opening, and the gaps between the frame and the wall must be filled in order for the door to take on the appearance of being cut into a wall.

Regarding the opening, it can be aligned on the inner or outer edge of the opening, depending on which side it needs to appear flush with the wall. It is possible to order this series with non-standard dimensions in height, at 2200 or 2300 mm.

new: Built-in wallpaper type interior doors 3

Typically, the casing should be installed at a very early stage of the renovation, even before the wall operations are completed. For this reason, for the convenience of customers, standard cases are kept in stock. Sash are ordered individually.


  • Type of rebate: without rebate with hidden hinges and magnetic counter

  • Type of filling: standard honeycomb + possibility of perforated or solid chipboard (depending on what is indicated in the catalog for the respective collection) for an additional fee

  • Type of lock: ordinary key + possibility of secret or WC lock for an additional charge

  • Number of hinges: standard 2 pieces

  • Glazing type: without glass

new: Built-in wallpaper type interior doors 4

new: Built-in wallpaper type interior doors 5

new: Built-in wallpaper type interior doors 6