Profil Group highly values ​​its partners and always strives to work with them on a long-term basis. We are actively looking for distributors. May be distributor in terms of installment company, building company (new and renovation type), trade company.

We may export to all countries in EU with our transport or with transport organized by the customer. We may export to another countries , different of EU with our transport only on request.

To our partners we offer:

  • High quality products with competitive price.

  • Clear and simple price policy.

  • Adequate and fast consultation.

  • Option for organized transport from us.

  • Reasonable periods of processing the orders.

  • Free samples and broshures.

  • Full technical information nad CE quality mark.

  • Relationships built on ethics and loyalty.

Distributors 1

For additional information, please contact us on the following: 

tel. in English : 00 359 896 700 930