Harmonica folding doors - PVC 1

The harmonica folding doors are made of high-quality PVC material, run on rails mounted only on the top (standard version). Profil Group offers three sliding schemes (see below). It is possible to install decorative glasses for more light, as well as lock with locking handle. The color range will satisfy even the most demanding with its 10 colors, of which wood imitation. Last but not least are the stained glasses (vitrage), turning this product into real masterpiece. 

When opened, the harmonica doors discreetly leave open space for your family and, if necessary, provide fast and silent assurance of privacy and discretion.

This door is a good solution for interlocking a transitional room, a laundry room, a closet and often finds application in the office.

Sliding with upper rail

Harmonica folding doors - PVC 2

Possibilities for decorative glass instalment in panels

Harmonica folding doors - PVC 3

Technical characteristics and advantages of PVC folding acordeon door 

  • The door is easy and fast manufacturing with competitively short terms

  • The doors are light sliding barriers, making them quiet during use

  • Choice of 10 standard colors from snow white to dark oak – all in stock

  • Possibilities to build indecorative glass for rooms without access of light or for a more special and elegant appearance of the interior

  • Closing can be done with a special handle with a magnet (standart) or a simple lock with a lock and key (option)

  • It is manufactured in 3 schemes of folding direction and may be single ot double

Harmonica folding doors - PVC 4
Harmonica folding doors - PVC 5