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Profil Group’s Portfolio for PVC and Aluminum entrance doors is extremely rich. Regardless of which type is the door, it can be single or double (two-wing). It can also be part of a larger sections with larger partitions, with a non-opening parts mounted next to or over the door.

The doors can either be opened in-house or outside, they can be in a variety of colors, including on one side in one color and on the other in another – duo colored. Large variety ot wood decors as well as the very fashionable grey colors. Opportunities for opening and targeting are also in a rich palette.

Profil Group produces entrance doors with quality materials and is partner only with well-established brands and systems of the sector. In the production of entrance doors, we keep all fashion trends without compromising on technical requirements and quality standards.

PVC exterior entry doors

Profil Group produces PVC doors with door and window systems Profilink and Salamander. PVC doors are characterized by very high coefficients of heat and sound insulation and this is why they are preferred for homes. They are often used as an entrance door for a house but are also suitable for many other places, both private and public like office, restaurant, store, etc.

There are 4 standard colors available in stock for faster production periods – white, golden oak, walnut and dark oak. The PVC door has a good security lock and has been proven reliable for the main door of the property (easily reaches the 3 main classes of security – WK1, WK2 and WK3 ). It is also applicable in the interior of internal partitions of public buildings, restaurants and more.

Door PROFILINK system Premium

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 2

Врата SALAMANDER greenEvolution

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 3

Door SALAMANDER bluEvolution

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 4

PVC door can be glass-packed, dense or in combination. Depending on the customer’s preference, we are able to execute different options and create a unique door of its kind with an individual character. We can turn the door into a real masterpiece with decorative thermopanels. These are thermo-insulating panels for doors of different ornaments and colors.

At the doors, we install only German and Austrian high quality hardware and locking systems of the leading manufacturers – Siegenia, Roto, Maco.

PVC door with glasing

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 5

PVC door whith thermo panel

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 6

Advantages of PVC doors – Profilink & Salamander

  • High coefficients of thermal insulation – Uf up to 0.77 W / m2.

  • High levels of noise insulation – up to 47 dB.

  • PVC doors require no maintenance and no aging. Not affected by direct pouring of water as opposed to metal and wooden doors. Resistant to harsh climate and humid and salty air.

  • Short terms of production for available colors.

  • Reliable locking and a strong cylinder lock. The lock has up to 8 lock points depending on model and size. The locking is from the main secret lock and a few individual pimples and strikes.

  • Wide choice of colors and decorations imitating wood structure.

PVC entry door – technical characteristics

  • High-quality PVC profiles.

  • Steel reinforcement in profiles 2 mm.

  • Standard locking – ock with lock cylinder.

  • A great variety of door handles.

  • All sided frame.

  • Glass, panel or decorative panel – at the customer’s choice.

  • Possibility of filling up to 52 mm.

  • Direction of opening – inside or outside the customer’s choice.

Door with decorative panel

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 7

Double door – duo colored

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 8

PVC door for residential entance

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 9

PVC door for
a restaurant

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 10

Accessories for PVC door
Profilink & Salamander

  • Aluminum threshold – lower for passage.

  • Door handle stainless steel

  • Reinforced hinges for the sash – recommended for larger size and heavy openable sashes. The hinges extend life of the door for 20 years.

  • Antipanic lock for public places – hotel, school, office building and others.

  • Installation with steel anchors – without drilling the frame.

  • Waterproofing tape on the frame – prevents moisture penetration through the wall in the area around the window.

Aluminium entry doors

Profil Group produces aluminum doors with door and window systems Alumil and Altest – Greece. They are made from cold and thermo profile depending on the purpose of the door. Aluminum doors are characterized by their high strength and durability and this is why they are preferred for high performance sites and permanent loads such as shopping malls, cinemas, administrative buildings, hotels, shops and more. Often they find application for the front door of a shop and showroom, but are also suitable for many other places, both private and public.

The color options here are unlimited from wooden decorations to RAL colors. The aluminum door has a good security lock and has proven to be reliable for the main door of a house, office and others. It is also applicable in the interior of internal partitions of public buildings, restaurants and more.

Adequate solution for all types of aluminum entrance doors and gates – the larger dimensions and strength of the profiles provide trouble-free functionality for continuous use.

Door Altest

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 11


Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 12

Advantages of aluminium doors

  • High strength and resistance to intensive use with high traffic.

  • Considering the strength of aluminum, larger sizes and designs can be made.

  • They do not age and do not require any maintenance. Easy to clean.

  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions – cold, direct water pouring, frost and salty climate.

  • Unlimited number of colors – wood decorations and RAL colors. It is possible to make two-color doors – inside / out.

  • Executable with opening anti-panic locks for public places in case of emergency evacuation.

Exterior front door

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 13

Exterior front door

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 14

More advantages of aluminium doors

  • Usage everywhere – external and internal installation. Restraining and organizing office spaces, shop windows, restaurants, private home, and more.

  • Aluminum doors for interior use from cold profile are offered at the lowest price.

  • Aluminum doors for external use from thermo (warm) profile achieve high thermal insulation values ​​thanks to the discontinued thermal bridge 24 mm.

  • All-aluminum doos can be fitted with an electric lock with a counter and a card reader or tag system. It is possible the aluminum door to be connected to the house intercom.

…. and more advantages of aluminium doors

  • By means of electrical equipment, the aluminum door can be connected to a system for access control and management of working time.

  • Each aluminum door can be made with a roller lock (barrel lock) and a pipe pull handle with opening and closing in push-pull principle.

  • All aluminum doors comply with the fire requirements and qualify as a smoke-tight door when it has a 4 sided frame or an automatic fall-down threshold in the door sash.

Anti-panic door mechanism

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 15

Interior vitrine

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 16


Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 17

Corridors and public
parts of building

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 18

Accessories for
aluminium doors

  • Reinforced hinges – recommended for larger sizes.

  • Inox handle and inox hinges – standard produced with white or black.

  • Anti-panic opening mechanism lock with reverse handle and cylinder door lock.

  • Door closer for smooth closing.

  • Electromechanical lock.

  • Pull handle – large range of models – white, black, inox.

  • Automatic fall-off threshold built into the wing.

Extras for aluminium entry doors

Stainless steel handle Dorma

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 19


Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 20

Door closer
80 kg

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 21

Door closer
120 kg

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 22

Static handle

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 23

Static handle paw

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 24

Combined handle

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 25

Tube handle

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 26

Reinforced hinge

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 27

Anti-panic lock

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 28

Home entrance

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 29

Evacuation exit

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 30

Residential entrance

Entrance doors - PVC & aluminium 31

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