Profile Group offers you a new solution for fitting your PVC, aluminum or wooden windows – with completely hidden elements for cleaner and more complete window lines. All elements, including the hinges, are integrated into the fold of the sash and the frame channel. The window has an extremely clean look without the visible hinges from the outside and without the caps for them.

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                                  PVC WINDOW WITH HIDDEN HARDWARE ELEMENTS                                                                                     PVC WINDOW WITH CLASSIC HARDWARE

It is suitable for aluminum, PVC and wooden windows and balcony doors and especially in cases where large and heavy opening sashes up to 150 kg are built into the joinery, for which the standard fittings are not applicable.

Another significant advantage of this type of hardware is the free choice of window colors – due to the absence of visible hinges and caps. With these hidden hinges, it is not necessary to choose and match the colors of the caps with the main profiles.

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                          ALUMINIUM WINDOW WITH HIDDEN HARDWARE ELEMENTS                                                                   ALUMINIUM WINDOW WITH CLASSIC HARDWARE

Roto Designo concealed hardware is also suitable for swing doors and balcony doors. Special grease channels provide continuous lubrication of moving elements and reduce component friction, thus making it easier to use and extending the life of the fitting. Concealed hinged window opens up to 100 degrees.

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                             WOODEN WINDOWS WITH HIDDEN HARDWARE ELEMENTS                                                                                    WOODEN WINDOWS WITH CASSIC HARDWARE

Last but not least is the advantage of greater protection against burglary. Hidden hinges cannot be removed from the outside. Roto Designo is tested and certified and complies with the German standard DIN 18104-2 for anti-burglary fittings.

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It should not be overlooked that the new joinery must be cared for in accordance with certain operational rules, otherwise damage may occur that is not subject to warranty service.

Careless handling of new windows, as well as lack of cleaning and maintenance will shorten the life of even the highest-end windows.

FAQ 13

In this article, we at Profile Group will list some of the most essential things to keep our windows in perfect shape and appearance. Only with the right care for your windows, you can be sure that they will serve you for many years, and the warranty given by the manufacturer will fully meet your expectations and the promises that were made to you.

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  • Safety – we at Profile Group start the recommendations with the one that is most important to us. Never let your children operate the windows unsupervised. Never leave a window open unattended with small children and/or pets. To secure the room from an accident, it is recommended to put keyed handles on the opening parts and/or remove the existing handles. We recommend purchasing and installing stoppers on the opening parts.

  • The wooden wedges – never remove the wooden wedges under the frame of the windows in the lower area of ​​the window, because defects will occur in the product.

  • The foam – the polyurethane foam placed around the perimeter of the case should not be removed. This will lead to the breaking of the thermal insulation of the windows, and it is possible that condensation will begin to appear. The foam should not be replaced with building compounds such as cement or terracotta. PU Foam has several basic and very important functions. It stabilizes and strengthens the frame and gives strength to the entire structure, preventing deformation of the profile and the window. The second essential function of the foam is to form a thermal bridge between the wall and the window frame. The foam acts as a moisture barrier, waterproofing the area. From the sun’s ultraviolet rays, the foam loses its properties (it changes its color, its volume and gradually begins to crumble), therefore it must be plastered with construction mixtures (gypsum, terracol, gypsum glue) no later than 20 calendar days after its placement.
  • Openings in the window frames – the profiles are perforated according to all the technical requirements of the manufacturer. Do not make additional holes e.g. for TV cable or others, because the thermal insulation of the window will be broken.
  • Draft – never leave doors and windows open unattended and always close them in high winds or when away from the property. The most common cause of a broken hinge or glass is a sash slam due to a draft.
  • Weight of the opening wing – wings do not withstand a load in excess of their own weight.
  • Plastering work – always pack the products in case of plastering work after installing the windows to prevent mechanical damage and abrasive materials getting into the mechanisms, scratches and glass and profile defects.

FAQ 15


  • The protective stickers on the profiles – remove them no later than 20 days after the installation of the windows. After this period, they will be very difficult to remove and will leave traces on the profile.
  • Cleaning the profile /frame/ – do not use abrasive sponges and materials, abrasive powders and preparations, solvents, petroleum products and products containing acid. Use soapy warm water and a soft cotton cloth.
  • Glass cleaning – clean with standard glass cleaners and a soft cotton cloth. Do not use hard and sharp objects, abrasive materials and sponges. If there are traces of plaster or plaster on the glass after repair, soak it with warm water for a while.

  • Rubber window seals – the seal makes the window airtight, but over time the rubber dries out and ages. Regular cleaning of the seals is mandatory. Once a year they should be smeared with a preparation containing glycerin or silicone oil. An unmaintained seal ages quickly and deforms, causing the window’s insulation to fail.

  • Drainage holes – located in the lower part of the window should be periodically cleaned of accumulated dust and dirt. It is mandatory to clean them after the completion of construction repair works and remove debris such as sand, construction solutions and other large garbage. Water will flow from the inside of the room if these openings are blocked.

  • The window sill – often used as a work surface or for a display stand or decoration. Home craftsmen love it for thinning paint, cutting things on it, etc. You should not place hot dishes and sharp objects. Otherwise, stains, scratches and curves will appear.

  • Yellowing of the profile from the outside – some trees emit iodine vapors and colored dust during flowering, which stick to the profiles. Over time, they accumulate on the profile and give the illusion that the joinery is very quickly aged and yellowed. A good example is walnut, fig and linden, which near the joinery can accelerate the yellowing process up to 2-3 years. The good news is that this is only superficial and can be removed with the right preparations.

FAQ 16

Proper operating & maintenance:

The operation mainly concerns the opening wings, on which mechanical control mechanisms, called “hardware” for short, are installed. It is the fittings that require careful handling and proper care to preserve and prevent damage. Fittings are key when it comes to proper functioning, sealing and efficiency of joinery.

  • Handle rotation – the handle is rotated only within the manufacturer’s fixed position. Do not try to twist them further past this end stroke or they will break.

  • Closing the window – when closing the sash and before turning the handle to close, make sure that the profile of the sash is firmly attached to its frame on all sides and especially on the hinge side.

  • When the sash is opened – never turn the handle when the sash is in the open position. Doing so will break the mechanism.

  • The position of the handle – pay attention to the position of the handle for the selected opening method. Remember that if you try to open and tilt the window at the same time, the mechanism may be damaged.

  • Adjustment of the elements – do not adjust the opening parts of the windows yourself. The wing may detach and fall and injure you. It is recommended to entrust the adjustment of windows to specialists, as this requires special knowledge and skills.

  • The handle is loose and wobbly – rotate the cap on the base of the handle, tighten the two screws with a PH2 screwdriver and return the cap to its original position.

  • Hardware care – lubricate window hardware with machine oil or other moving parts lubricant twice a year. In this way, you will prevent damage to the elements and significantly extend the life of the mechanisms. Thicker lubricants are recommended.

  • Cleaning of hardware – do not clean the metal elements of the hardware with products containing resins and acids, as well as those that destroy the anti-corrosion protection of the metal.

  • Protection against hardware damage – Ensure that dirt, debris and sand do not enter your window mechanism. If construction work is carried out in the room, the window sashes must be closed completely. This is a common problem due to construction and repair work. Construction dust, which is extremely contraindicated, accumulates in the mechanisms, which makes their work difficult and may damage them.

  • A squeaky hinge or mechanism – construction waste (eg plaster, plaster and dust) can get into the hinges and window fittings during the renovation. For this reason, when you turn the window handle, the hardware may start to creak and jam. To prevent this problem, it is necessary to prevent any construction materials from entering the mechanisms of the opening parts. It should be cleaned and lubricated with engine oil to eliminate this problem.

  • Fogged glass especially in the lower area of ​​the window – a common problem in the winter and sometimes even in the transitional seasons. The reason for this is not the window, but difficulties in the operation of the exhaust system. This means that moisture cannot be carried away from the home. The problem is easily solved – by ensuring regular ventilation of the room.

FAQ 17

The following conditions are extremely important: the temperature in the room should not be below + 20′ Celsius; air the room several times a day with fully open wings; do not block the flow of warm air on the radiators under the window; air circulation in the room is a key element, so do not cover the windows with thick curtains; install a hood above the stove and fans in the bathroom and toilet; do not stretch in a confined space.

The humidity of the air at home sometimes reaches 70% saturation due to several factors: moisture released by the function of the human organism or a pet; moisture from potted flowers; moisture from washing, ironing and drying clothes; moisture from cooking; moisture from the bathroom when bathing, as well as the wet towels left behind; moisture from toilet, sink and siphons; vases with flowers and an aquarium with fish; etc.

FAQ 18

The 6-chamber bluEvolution and greenEvolution systems were developed by the Salamander concern and are manufactured only in Germany. They are designed to achieve maximum coefficients of heat and sound insulation. They meet the standard and all requirements for passive houses, with the addition of a central third box seal.

They have first-class quality – Salamander profiles fully comply with the German quality standard – RAL GZ 716/ item 1 and item 7, as well as the European norm EN 12608:2003. The bluEvolution and greenEvolution systems are the highest class A profiles.

It allows the manufacture of large constructions of one frame due to its high strength and strength and is extremely resistant to aggressive atmospheric influences, including salty climate and freezing.

BluEvolution and greenEvolution make it possible to design high-class – energy-efficient windows for a passive house thanks to its unique heat transfer coefficient reaching the industry-enviable Uf=0.71 W/m2K to Uf=0.73 W/m2K when performing doors and windows according to all technical specifications requirements and recommendations for passive houses.

FAQ 19

Brilliant surface and sparkling white profile color – Salamander is particularly proud of its special formulation to achieve the brilliant surface and sparkling white profile color unmatched by other brands on the market.

Thanks to the unique work of Salamander engineers – the large structural profile width of 92 mm for bluEvolution and 76 mm for greenEvolution, frame and wing height and the strength of the profile Salamander surpasses its competitors in this segment.

In addition to thermal insulation, the bluEvolution and greenEvolution systems are also leaders in color combinations, allowing the choice of a large number of colors.

FAQ 20

To decorate the profiles in a color range consisting of over 1,600 colors, the manufacturer uses high-quality decorating foil from the renowned Renolit and Cova brands, strictly complying with the requirements of the RAL standard – GZ/716, item 7.

In order to be able to offer a quality finished product, Profil Group works only with established brands and partners of leaders in its field. These are companies with a long history, traditions and extensive experience. All products are certified and meet the Bulgarian and international quality standards. Our partners are as follows:

FAQ 21

PVC Door and Window Systems – Germany. Extremely high quality and complete set of profiles and accessories. There are many types of opening and sliding possible. We are licensed representative of the brand on the Bulgarian market.

FAQ 22

PVC Doors and Windows Systems – Bulgaria. Extremely high quality and a very wide range of profiles and accessories. There are many types of opening and sliding possible. Leader of the Bulgarian and some foreign markets.

FAQ 23

Aluminum Door and Window Systems – Greece. Suspended facade systems, sliding, cladding – bond, aluminum railings. High quality aluminum doors.

FAQ 24

Aluminum Door and Window Systems – Greece – Bulgaria. Systems for suspended facades, sliding, cladding – etalbond. High quality aluminum doors.

FAQ 25

Aluminum Door and Window Systems – Bulgaria. Systems for suspension facades, sliding, cladding – bond. Wide variety of aluminum finishing profiles.

FAQ 26

High quality adjustable door and window fittings – Germany. Possible opening type normal, two-plane, security, tilt & turn, lift & slide HEBE SCHIEBE, accordion.

FAQ 27

High quality door and window fittings – Germany. Unique security handles and a wide variety of door handles.

FAQ 28

Mostly door hardware – Germany. Wide variety of door fittings, panic locks, sliding door closers, aluminum door and door handles and hardware for glass doors.

FAQ 29

Quality Interior doors EU made. Great variety of designs and colors. Straight and round casings and doors with moisture-proof coatings.

FAQ 30

High class security armed steel doors – Bulgaria. Manufactured to the highest quality standards and industry leader.

FAQ 31

Quality fasteners – Germany.

FAQ 32

Electric equipment and components for driving shutters, awnings and garage doors – France with 5 years warranty.

FAQ 33

High quality silicones and polyurethane foam – Germany. Hydro tape for installation of windows and extremely high quality thermal insulation system. Large range of building materials.

FAQ 34

Home Decoration paints & varnishes – Greece. High quality silicone latex and a wide variety of paints and colors. Exceptional paint system in over 25,000 colors. Colors are mixed automatically.

FAQ 35

High quality insulation and refurbishment system – France. Founded in 1665. Large variety of building materials.

FAQ 36

Hardware and fittings for glass, glass doors.

FAQ 37

Metals , reinforcement for windows and doors.

FAQ 38

Large variety of high quality wood panels.

Just as many other goods of the same group on the market are at the most diverse prices (watches, shoes, car tires, etc.), so windows, doors, awnings and blinds cannot be summed up in a price per piece or per square.

The price is something complex and is strictly individual for each product and customer. The price is determined by many factors such as the size of the window – the door, the type of profile, the color of the profile, the type of glazing, the width of the glazing, the type and brand of the mechanisms and hardware, additional accessories, additional services, the quality of the materials used and many others.

We at Profile Group have a high pricing culture and claim that our prices are highly competitive but also optimal at the same time. The lowest price should not be the leading factor when choosing products from this industry. Lowest price usually means poor-quality materials, economy of materials, poor service and installation. Joinery is a stationary product, which in most cases is ordered once in a lifetime.

Before placing an order, it is good to answer the following questions: “how easy or difficult would it be to replace the windows again if it turns out that the new ones are of poor quality” and “how much would it cost me to replace the new windows with a new one”. We all know how much time, energy and money such an undertaking takes, along with the plastering work and the renovation afterwards. In a lifetime, a person would change his car several times, but how many times would he change the windows?

FAQ 39

On the other hand, quality joinery is directly related to saving money and return on investment. This makes quality joinery an asset, directly contributing to the optimization of our costs. Conversely, low-quality windows do not insulate well and blow, which leads to heat loss and the need for more means of heating and cooling.

Low-quality joinery is a serious liability for our budget, directly tying us to an increase in our expenses. At a time when energy resources are becoming more expensive and our heating and cooling costs are increasing, none of us should have to compromise on our windows. It is our main protection from the weather outside. 

It is a mistake to believe that joinery is sold by the square. Profile Group has professional consultants who, using specialized software, can value each individual inquiry.

Unless otherwise stated in your offer, the price includes:

  • VAT
  • All materials of the product
  • Measurements – optional
  • Manufactoring
  • Installment – optional
  • Delivery – optional

The price is subject to trade and seasonal discounts as well as seasonal promotions.

The price is negotiated and is lower for complex orders – doors, windows, blinds and more.

The price is lower when paying the full amount of the order in advance.

The term for the production of joinery entirely depends on the volume and complexity of production. No specific time limit is set for outdoor work. When working outdoors, the time may vary depending on weather conditions.

Classic window type with available colors: 14 working days to 2 windows

Mosquito nets available colors: 5-7 working days for hinged and roller mosquito net

Interior and armored doors on stock: 12 working days

Railings : inquiry

Shower cabins and glass screens: up to 3 weeks

Blinds classic colors: 7-12 working days for vertical, horizontal, roller blinds

Canopies: up to 2 weeks Safety blinds and grids color white: up to 2 weeks

Important: Profile Group reserves the right to change the period according to high and low season.

Yes, we offer all our production on credit but only for the Bulgarian market. Our credit partner is UniCredit Consumer Financing. The repayment term is according to your needs and capabilities up to 60 months. The duration determines the amount of interest on the loan. Personal ID is only necessary.

Important: Dear customers, we do not approve the projects, but are intermediaries between you and the credit institutions. UniCredit bulbank is the organizations that approves you for credit loan.

Products in this category are with short warranty period or without warranty. Most often these are wood products that are installed in rooms with high humidity; large glass windows; large and respectively very heavy openable window sash; misuse; improper cleaning; incorrect connection to the electic power by unauthorized persons for electricity products; others.

Window sash > 60 kg with no guarantee. Double glazed windows > 1.8m2 have special warranty conditions. Profil Group does not warrant breakage and sealing. Window sash > 2050 mm H without horizontal divider are wihtout warranty. This divider must be fitted for full warranty.

The door automation system comes with a 6-month warranty that covers only the damper hydraulics for smooth closing. The mosquito warranty covers the burnout of the UV rays. Handle with key is without warranty. The warranty does not cover wood fillers on doors and windows, in cases of high humidity above 40%.
Cases of condensation are not covered by the guarantee. To avoid condensation on the windows, it is desirable that the humidity in the premises be not more than 40%. It is also necessary to ventilate twice a day for 10-15 minutes even winter time.
Never let your children handle windows, doors, blinds unattended.
Wooden horizontal blinds are not moisture resistant and fire resistant. Mounted in rooms with high humidity above 50%, it is possible to bend and deform the fins.
Vertical blinds – The lamella chain is often damaged by children and pets. Some fabrics may break the slats after mechanical impact. In all models of fabric with high humidity above 40% can cause fog and discoloration of the fabric.
Sunshades – In strong wind, the sunshade should not be left open. With a cassette awning with an electric motor, it is possible to keep a clearance of up to 2 cm after collection, which is normal and often due to linear extensions of warm and cold.
Remote controls are with no warranty. There are no warranties for missing parts after receiving the product; Mechanical damage after protocol acceptance (scratched surface, broken glass);

Yes, we offer full warranty and out-of-warranty service. In the process of operation, some of the supporting parts of the window frames or drive mechanisms are amortized and need to be replaced or repaired. Also, poor-quality sealants age and are deformed by aggressive climatic conditions. We carry out repairs and maintenance of window frames, blinds, doors.

We perform the following:

  • hardware replacement
  • installation of reinforced security mechanisms – anti-burglary reamers anti-burglary hardware
  • replacement of broken glass units
  • replacement of ordinary glass units with energy-efficient ones
  • replacement of damaged or worn rubber seals
  • mosquito net replacement additional installation of mosquito nets
  • adding an opening sash to an existing window
  • replacement of locks, cartridges of PVC or aluminum doors
  • adjustment of fittings on drooping wings (if fittings are adjustable)
  • installation of additionally ordered various types of accessories – aluminum skirting boards, window sills, decorative edging profiles turning doors and windows

After the warranty service is paid additionally according to the current price list. Profile Group does not replace individual elements and parts of window fittings. The hardware is completely replaced. The same rule applies to elements of blinds and mosquito nets, where the mechanisms are replaced as a whole. It is not possible to change only the shade fabric, as well as a separate lamella or blind fabric. In these cases, it is replaced in its entirety. Profile Group cannot undertake a warranty on repaired goods.

The lowest price should never be the leading choice in new windows.

FAQ 40

Sometimes the construction is oriented mainly to the beautiful facade of the building, the original architecture, the attractive decoration of the walls. Some people imagine repairs, such as a nice sofa, a modern stove, nice tiles in the bathroom or the infamous hidden lighting in plasterboard ornaments.
Unfortunately, much less attention is paid to the windows themselves, or at all. But after a while, they are precisely the source of a number of home health problems related to moisture and poor thermal insulation. If you are still not convinced by personal experience, see why we need to replace old windows with new ones and the low price should never be the leading choice.

FAQ 41

  • If the plastic is of poor quality, it will turn yellow over time and begin to retain moisture.
  • The thin walls of the profile cause its deformation and rapid freezing.
  • Poor seals are deformed by the sun and cold do not seal and leak dust and water.
FAQ 42
  • The minimum size of the air chambers does not provide good protection against low temperatures as well as does not provide sufficient strength of the window.
  • Sometimes, for ‘cheap joinery’ to make it cheap, no steel reinforcers are added to the profile or other important components are saved, which inevitably leads to deformation of the window contour, torsion and deformation of the windows, subsequent hanging of the blinds, etc.

FAQ 43

  • Thin-walled metal profiles are usually without anti-corrosion coating.
  • Inexpensive glazing leads to a lack of insulation, condensation and freezing.
  • It is a common practice for builders to look at windows, as ‘second-hand goods’ and many new apartment owners gradually, after unsuccessful attempts to eliminate the problems encountered, are faced with the need to replace “NEW” windows with NEW ones.

FAQ 44

  • Modern windows are equipped with double or triple glass pannels with improved energy efficiency features that allow you to save up to 74% of heat.
  • Anyone wishing to replace a window should know that it is a fixed product and replacing it with a new one requires a lot of resources and effort. This is one of the most important products in the repair of an apartment, house or office and the low cost should never be decisive. Remember that good quality is always worth the investment.

FAQ 45

To justify investing in new windows, don’t trust small and one-day businesses.

The company – a common question is how to identify the wrong companies. Ask the company how long it has been in the industry, whether there are references from satisfied customers and suppliers, whether it is a member of industry organizations (Bulgarian Association for Doors and Windows), what guarantees it gives, what it says in the forums for them, competent and honest consultants whether the brands they sell or unknown, etc. Ask how many offices they have and if they have a production base.

For the sake of intriguing the customer with a lower price and winning him as a customer, many companies are willing to lower or exceed professional standards and requirements and a good deal at first glance remains a bitter taste and hassle for a long time. How many of us have not fallen into a situation where low cost means bad product or poor service. How many of us have no personal examples of cheap being short and cheap being expensive. Everyone knows that 10 euro running shoes are cheap, but 10 euro anyone can risk.
Not only the type of profile and price is important in the industry, but also the metal being wetted, the double-glazed window, production, installation and many others. The products in this industry are stationary large-sized, that once not made properly, takes at least as much time and repair money as new ones.

All of the above is based on real-life cases of windows repair work installed by other companies. We are facing incredibly poor product and service quality and there are even cases where the window just needs to be replaced. Every day, clients come to our offices suffering from troubled “cheap” companies with great disappointment. Unfortunately, these flawed companies are increasing in a crisis. It is because of these troubled companies that the Consumer Protection Agency was created.

K-glass is usually a float glass with a pyrolysis-coated metal oxide layer.

However, for all its simplicity, k-glass insulated glass is 2 times better insulated than ordinary glass. For double glazed windows with two ordinary float glasses, the coefficient of thermal insulation is 2.8 W / m2K, while for double glazed windows with K-glass, the coefficient is 1.4 W / m2K.
No K-glass glazing is exposed in direct sunlight – it produces a greenhouse effect in the summer!

The coating allows solar shortwave energy to enter the building, but because of its high reflectivity in the infrared spectrum it acts as a barrier to the leakage of expensive longwave energy (created by heating appliances, lighting, etc.) as it reflects it back into the room. In this way the heat losses are blocked, the heating bills are reduced and the funds invested for the installation of quality windows with quality glazing are quickly restored. Double-glazed windows made with K-glass greatly reduce heat loss through the window, improve thermal insulation and minimize the appearance of condensation. They are energy efficient and save up to 40% of winter heating costs. They are suitable for rooms with north and east exposure.

FAQ 46

Opening in the following options is offered:

  • Normal uniaxial – the sash opens horizontally.

  • Combined in two directions – the window opens both vertically and horizontally. It is intended for ventilation.

  • Drop sash – the sash opens only at the top end.

  • Microventilation – this is upgraded with biaxial opening elements, in which the window opens by 2-3 mm. In this way, air circulation is obtained, which brings fresh air into the room and removes stagnant and saturated with moisture.

  • Classic sliding – aluminum, PVC or glass on a rail. The wings are stacked one behind the other.

  • Accordion-type slide – aluminum, PVC or glass. The wings are stored side by side.

  • Sliding Volkswagen type (parallel) – opening by pulling and sliding on a rail, comfortable and easy movement of the wings, with perfect sealing by rubber.

  • Hebe Schiebe – slide with lift. Allows making large sliding sashes.

For start, it should be borne in mind that the windows are only part of the insulation of the room. It contributes to better thermal insulation values but is not the only factor influencing these values. To avoid “sweating” the window and the resulting mold is necessary:
  • Ventilate the room regularly.
  • Maintain constant temperatures not lower than 18-19 C ‘
  • Maintain as little temperature differences as possible between the different rooms in the dwelling.
  • Complex insulation of the room should be carried out.
  • To install KA glass

FAQ 47

Windows are a permanent investment and something we cannot afford to replace regularly. Windows are the eyes of the home and should be aesthetically beautiful, but technically they are much more. The window protects you from atmospheric conditions and is a barrier between home and family, protecting you from the vagaries of the weather.

It’s even more than that, namely an asset or liability directly affecting your heating or cooling costs. The window is comfort or not, harmony or not, well-being or not…. but one thing is certain, it is a part of our life.

There are several main factors to consider when ordering new windows.

  • origin and brand – undoubtedly the brand and origin are a guarantee of quality. We at Profile Group know this and only offer brands with a high reputation in the segment. We are representatives of the German door and window brand SALAMANDER – a proven leader in this field. We produce aluminum systems under the ETEM brand. The blinds in our portfolio are with Hunter Douglas Holland mechanisms. We install electronics in blinds and shades with the brand SOMFY France.
  • thermal insulation values ​​- an extremely important element of the choice of window frames. The better this coefficient is, the better the joinery will insulate and the less heating and cooling costs you will have. Right here is the moment when the joinery is either an asset and saves you money or a liability and increases your costs.
  • noise insulation values ​​- an important element when the property is in a noisy place.

  • origin and brand of the mechanisms of the opening parts – and here, as with the profiles, the brand and origin are undoubtedly a guarantee of high quality. We at Profile Group know this and offer only brands with a high reputation in the segment, namely: Siegenia, Roto, Maco.

  • the type of glazing and its thickness – this is a product on which money should not be saved. As technology advances, more and more energy efficient glasses are present on the market. We all know that the glass is the coldest point of the window and that is why we recommend triple wider (40mm, 44mm, 52mm) double glazing, with a warm spacer and a combination of energy efficient glasses (ka, 4 seasons). It is through the glass that the highest heat losses occur, which is a sufficient reason to invest in it.

Everyone decides for himself how, where and what, but we at Profile Group advise that the lowest price should never lead the decision. A hasty emotional decision will cost us dearly in time. The main things that can make a window poor quality and ineffective are:

  • the steel reinforcement that is installed in the profile – is it system of the profile manufacturer, what is the thickness of the metal and does it meet the manufacturer’s technical requirements. Thin metal will compromise the quality and often leads to the profile being swept, and from there it starts to blow.
  • window brand – is it popular, where is it produced, is it a leader in the field, etc.
  • the hardware – is it a popular brand, where is it made, is it a leader in the field, is it adjustable in all directions, etc.
  • the window manufacturer – since when has it been present on the market and what history does it have behind it, what portfolio of satisfied customers does it have, what orders and projects has it executed, does it have a showroom, are the company’s assembly groups or does it use external hires, and so called You have to be very careful here, because the market is saturated with pseudo-producers, resellers without a company, without machines, without history, etc.


Profile Group has learned important lessons and we know that quality has no price. This is also the reason why we have surrounded ourselves only with established partners in the industry, with whom we build a high-quality and effective final product.

The two types of material are very different and have their own advantages and disadvantages:

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the most used organic material in construction due to its undeniable qualities. PVC joinery offers excellent thermal insulation values ​​due to its low thermal conductivity – it can reach values ​​up to 0.7 W/mK depending on the profile. It is easy to manufacture and install, which is why its price is lower than aluminum.

It is easy to maintain and allows for the installation of multi-point closure hardware, which allows for more precise hinge adjustment at an affordable price. It allows 3-4 types of glazing and is usually available in 10-14 colors. Its life is relatively long – 20-30 years.

Aluminum windows are practically eternal. Its structure and appearance do not change over time, and it is resistant to the large temperature amplitudes of our latitude. It is stronger than PVC and therefore allows the manufacture of complex structures from it, such as roof structures, suspended facades, winter gardens, etc.

It does not have thermal insulation like PVC, but the profile with an interrupted thermal bridge approaches in terms of values ​​those of polyvinyl chloride. It is easy to maintain and provides the possibility of placing glass units of different thicknesses. Available in RAL colors. Aluminum is more energy intensive to make and this results in a slightly higher price.

The two types of material are very different and therefore have their advantages and disadvantages:

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the most used organic material in construction due to its indisputable qualities. PVC joinery offers excellent values of thermal insulation due to its low thermal conductivity – it can reach values up to 0.7 W / mK depending on the profile. It is easy to manufacture and assemble, which is why its price is lower than aluminum. It is easy to maintain and allows the attachment of multi-point closures, which helps to more precisely adjust the hinges at an affordable price. Allows 3-4 types of glazing and is usually available in 10-14 colors. Her life is relatively long – 20-30 years. 

Aluminum joinery is virtually timeless. Its structure and appearance do not change over time, and it is impervious to the large temperature amplitudes of our latitude. It is more durable than PVC and therefore allows the construction of complex structures such as roof structures, suspended facades, winter gardens, etc. There is no thermal insulation like PVC, but the profile with a broken thermal bridge is closer in value to those of polyvinyl chloride. It is easy to maintain and offers the possibility of installing double-glazed windows of different thicknesses. Available in RAL colors. Aluminum is more energy intensive to produce and this results in a slightly higher price.

FAQ 48

The windows in most buildings are quite old and do not offer insulation and aesthetics that meet modern standards. Energy has become more expensive over the years and will continue to do so, and with it our heating and ventilation costs are constantly increasing, sometimes to unbearable levels.

With new and quality windows, it is possible to save up to 70% of your home or office heating and cooling budget. The investment for renewing the joinery pays back relatively quickly considering the rising energy prices.

The new PVC or aluminum window can offer you significantly higher thermal and sound insulation values. Through a special mechanism, they easily become anti-burglary. They are significantly easier to maintain and the rich range of accessories (mosquito screens, blinds, window sills, fittings) will bring the comfort that everyone would like to their home.

FAQ 49

A large part of people think that replacing windows in winter is impossible. The fears are that when replacing the window frames, they expose their home to the cold for a long time and that, in bad and cold weather, quality installation is impossible.

These fears stem from the misconception that in the process of removing old windows, homes become cold and will even freeze. We at Profile Group, and all professionals in this field, know that the differences in winter installation are very small compared to installation in other seasons and they concern the contractors, not the customers.

FAQ 50

Let’s overcome our fears of window installation in winter:

  • Window replacement is done room by room. Windows are not removed all at once throughout the property, but gradually.

  • The room is open no more than 25-30 minutes. That’s how long it takes to remove the old window and install the new one. It then takes another 20 minutes of setup and finishing, but during those 20 minutes the room is already closed and warming has begun.

  • The temperature in the room will decrease slightly /from 22 to 15 degrees/, but it will quickly warm up with the new, already well-insulating windows.

Good arguments and the small differences of installing windows in winter:

  • The main difference is in the use of polyurethane foam to seal the joint between the case and the wall. Profile Group uses the functional “winter” foam, which retains its characteristics at temperatures down to -15 ° degrees.

  • In winter, the efficiency of the new windows can be checked immediately, which even gives an advantage over installation at other times.

FAQ 51

The advantages of changing windows in winter:

  • Much lower price of the product. Contractors make additional discounts due to a decrease in the volume of orders during the winter season.

  • Much shorter lead time due again to the reduction in orders during the winter season.

FAQ 52

Preparing your premises is a key part of the overall job and is a major factor in faster and better quality joinery installation.

It is good to know that the freer the room, the more convenient it is for the installers to work. And the freer the room, the more convenient it will be to clean after the installation work. On the other hand, the removal of the old windows and the installation of the new ones are construction works and the risk of damaging the flooring, furniture or other item in the room is high.

FAQ 53

  • The client must provide access to the address on the day and time specified for installation.

  • The contractor must move all furniture and luggage around the installation area to ensure smooth installation and avoid shoddy work. and must wrap the installation area and other surfaces with nylon to prevent staining and damage to flooring and furniture.

  • The contractor must notify all neighbors at least one day before the installation of upcoming repair work and noise on the installation day.

  • All cables, air ducts, hoses, pipes must be properly fixed and secured, so that they do not pose a difficulty and danger to the people performing the installation. Everything described is a prerequisite for an accident during installation.

  • The client must give instructions and indicate the place where the order must be installed – room, floor, opening, location of the wall, others, as well as fully cooperate as far as the property, furniture, domestic animals are concerned.

  • The contractor must provide a diagram of cables and pipes laid in the walls and give directions as to where it can be safely tampered with and/or drilled. In the event that a scheme for the route of communications is not provided, the contractor is not responsible in the event of an accident. The contractor is obliged to provide working electricity and adequate lighting with the equivalent of a 100 w bulb to the installation area.

  • The contracting party must give instructions to the assembly group about additional special requirements regarding the execution of the order, if any, as well as hygiene instructions – smoking, putting on socks, using the bathroom, etc.

FAQ 54

  • The contractor must assist the installation team to secure the site below the installation area – this is in cases where there is dismantling of old windows on high floors and dangerous areas with parked cars and pedestrian flow. The contractor has no obligation to notify neighbors about moving parked cars below the disassembly and assembly site.

  • In the event that the Contracting Authority is not present at the address on the day of the installation, all the instructions of the person who provided access to the installation group and/or was present at the installation will be considered correct. This person will be considered an authorized representative of the Employer and he will be fully responsible to the Employer in the event of discrepancies and discrepancies in expectations. In the event that the assembly group is left at the installation site without any representative of the Employer, the Contractor has the right to make decisions about the execution of the installation, which decisions will be considered correct and cannot be subject to disputes.

  • All Goods, Accessories, Blinds, Extras, Mosquito Nets, Glass, Cases and Door Sills, Handles are installed together and at the same time as the installation of the windows and/or doors. In the event that the Employer refuses the installation of any of the listed, then everything that remains unmounted is handed over to the Employer, and the Contractor does not assume any obligation for subsequent installation.

  • In the event that the Employer has not provided a power cable to the location of the product, the Contractor installs the product without connecting to the network, assuming no obligation for a subsequent connection visit.

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