About us 1

Welcome to www.profil-bg.com! We are honored that you would like to learn more about our company. Here you will find useful information not only for us but also for products, ideas and values.

Since its inception Profil Group aims to be the leading company in this highly competitive industry. We believe that the foundation of a business organization are the people – both customers and employees. We do hard work and perseverance in the most important resource for us – the employee. Perseverance is central to achieving high goals, namely highly qualified, efficient and flexible employees. We know that a satisfied customer is achieved only with better quality team.

When customers come to us, they actually ordered warmth, comfort and beauty to their home, not just a frame – window or door. With ordered product, the client will live and enjoy long and compromises are inadmissible. We recognize the responsibility we always strive to deliver a product manufactured from the best materials, in the most innovative way and at the most reasonable price. Never underestimate the service that goes hand in hand with the product in order to complete customer satisfaction. Our best teacher has always been customer and we are constantly learning by practice over the years and learned a lot and the best lessons, but most important is : what depends on you , you have to do it perfectly.

About us 2

In 2010, we extended the range of our products and services and we started offering the so-called complex service for our customers. In addition to what we offered at the time – doors, windows, shutters, railings and finishes we successfully implemented products such as shower enclosures, awnings, rolling shutters, interior and armored doors and services such as finishing, building repairs and construction materials and everything on principle of a place at a good price. Customers rated with appreciation that our restructuring, because the times are more busy and the customer is increasingly busy. Thus managed we successfully save time, headaches and money of our clients. The biggest success for us is constantly expanding the family of satisfied customers of Profil Group.

Mr. Emil
Profil Group Manager