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The Door “grand entrance area” is intended for an entrance door of residential and public buildings. This door stops uninvited guests from accessing the common areas of the building and from there to your personal door. The lack of control over the common entrance spaces of the apartment blocks and cooperatives is the main prerequisite for anti-social acts – thefts, vandalism, reception and distribution of drugs in the entrances, graffiti on the stairs.

The entrance area is where you receive important mail, and it is always missing. In addition, this is a place that is constantly open in winter and the entrance is cold.

Profil Group offers two systems Entrance area with armored steel entrance door and aluminum entrance door.

Entrance spaces, as common property, are often left without care for their maintenance and are most often in a very poor state. Yet they are the face of the block or the entrance. The entrance area is the first thing the visitor is confronted with. And it is not pleasant when the first impression of a visit is negative.

What is worse, however, is that the lack of control over these areas allows each person, without difficulty, to enter directly from the street into the entrance space, ie. at the block or building at any time of the day. The poor movement of people within the cooperative or block, in turn, predisposes to the seamless movement of outsiders into the site, who prepare or perform anti-social acts without being noticed.

And if every person invests in the protection of the main entrance of the apartment, why not pay special attention to the main entrance of the block, which is really the second additional security barrier to his apartment.

Grand Entrance with Aluminium door

This “grand entry space” with aluminum door is virtually all aluminum frames and this system is the best selling and preferred for 3 main reasons:

  1. Lower price than the entrance area with armored door. In reality, this aluminum door system is the least expensive of all available on the market.
  2. Given the strength of aluminum, this entry front door allows makege of large sizes. The construction is extremely resistant to heavy traffic and human flow and frequent opening and closing.
  3. It does not age and does not require any maintenance. It is resistant to direct pouring with water, freezing and others.
Profil Group manufactures aluminum entrance doors and showcases with door and window systems Alumil and Altest – Greece. They are made of cold and thermal profile, depending on the purpose of the door. The color options here are unlimited from tree decors to RАL colors..
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Advantages of Grand Entrance with Aluminum Door

  • Lowest cost of implementation.

  • High strength and load resistance thanks to the strength of aluminum.

  • It does not age and is not affected by weather conditions. Withstands water, frost, heat and salty climate.

  • Adjustable hinges for seamless sash handling.

  • Ability to perform different models, split configurations and more.

  • Construction of a single-sash building entrance front door and double-sashed. This is a great advantage when you need to import or export larger furniture through the entrance. One sash is active and the human flow passes through it, and the other is the so-called passive sash, which is opened with the other by the surmise. This produces a large bright space opening.

  • An access control system is easy to install. This is achieved by placing an electric counter in the frame connected to the power supply and a reader in the area around the door. In this way, the aluminum door is unlocked electronically by tag or chip.
  • Possibility of connecting the door to the door intercom system. In this way, any resident may or may not grant access to visitors at the entrance.

  • Possibility of incorporating mailboxes in aluminum construction. When it is larger, one mailbox is made for each family. When the aluminum frame is small, we can only create one common mailbox for all residents. In cases where this is not possible and the size is so small that it does not even allow this, we can place the mailboxes on the wall in the area around the door.
  • An unlimited number of colors including 40 wood decors. We paint the aluminum profiles together with the mailboxes in color pallete RАL…

  • Freedom to execute types of frame fillers – double glazed or ornamental glass for more light, dense area without visibility or in combination.

  • The entrance door made of aluminum thermal profile has very high thermal insulation performance.

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Possible extras

  • Reinforced sash hinges for higher resistance at high dinamic opening and closing intensities or for larger sized front doors – RECOMMEND.

  • Mailboxes for each family or one common entrance when space is limited.

  • Electric counter with intercom system control lock and entry.

  • Hydraulic door closer – RECOMMEND.

  • A more beautiful stainless steel handle or ball handle.

  • Plates for mailbox – it is possible to write only with the number of the apartment or with the names of the residents.

Intercom system

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Number plate

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Name plate

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Automatic door closer

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Wall mailbox classic

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Wall mailbox lux

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Mailox built in frame

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Mailbox inside 

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