Visor and canopy 1
A modern alternative, and sometimes mandatory for covering doors and windows. Profil Group manufactures glass sunroofs and glass canopies to suit every need, offering glass in different colors except transparent and green, bronze, gray.
The glass visors give a modern look to any exterior. They find a wide application to cover the entrance area in public and at home. Visors protect any door or window from bad weather and withstand hail.
In its portfolio, Profil Group also has a low-cost version of the visor with polycarbonate and plexiglass, and for those who do not want to go light and with an aluminum bond.
In length, the visors have no limit in size, but in the projection is possible to make up to 150 cm (classic system).

Glass visor spider system

Visor and canopy 2
Visor and canopy 3
Visor and canopy 4
Visor and canopy 5

SPIDER SYSTEM is the most widely used and well-known glass visor. It is a 10 mm perforated glass shed and laminated and tempered for greater strength. It is fixed to the wall by means of stainless holders. The individual glass is recommended to be up to 120 cm wide and for longer length is recomended to make separate glasses with the addition of a second set of fittings.

The fitting is a special system for glass sheds and visors. It is made of stainless steel (inox) and withstands aggressive atmospheric influences, including salt air. The glass withstands hail.

Visor and canopy 6
Visor and canopy 7
Visor and canopy 8
Visor and canopy 9

Glass visor T-rex system

Visor and canopy 10
Visor and canopy 11
Visor and canopy 12
Visor and canopy 13

T-REX SYSTEM – glass visor with fixed wall-type U-shaped jaws, which are covered with an inox lid from below and from above. Forward may not be more than 900 mm, but there is no limit to the length – the longer it is, the more consoles are placed and more than 1100 mm the length of the glass is divided into additional glasses. Distance between glasses vary up to 10 mm and is fullfiled with transperant silicone.

The T-REX system is only available with armored glass 16 mm. Extremely suitable for placing above entrance doors and gates of buildings. The grip of the glass is high quality and each glass can withstand up to 30 kg load each glass pannel.

Visor classic system

Visor and canopy 14
Visor and canopy 15
Visor and canopy 16
Visor and canopy 17

CLASSIC SYSTEM – This model is the most budget-friendly option, but at the same time has an elegant look and gives a solid architectural appearance to the building. The visor is made with aluminum or PVC brackets, optionally with front and back cover.

Polycarbonate, plexiglass or an aluminum bond may be used for covering. 3 widths of 100 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm are possible, and the projection is 80 cm, 100 cm and 150 cm. If more than one length is required, several separate visors are connected. Extremely suitable for placing above entrance doors, portals of buildings, shops.
Visor and canopy 18
Visor and canopy 19
Visor and canopy 20
Visor and canopy 21


Profil Group manufactures canopy for terrace, porch, station, underground garages and more. They are made depending on the purpose, size and location of aluminum with polycarbonate or of ferrous metal powder painted in RAL colors. It is possible to cover a canopy with plexiglass, which is stronger and more durable.

Canopy for terrace – metal construction

Visor and canopy 22

Canopy for garage – metal construction

Visor and canopy 23

Canopy for balcony – aluminium construction

Visor and canopy 24

Canopy for bus stop – metal construction

Visor and canopy 25

Canopy classic with polycarbonate 

Visor and canopy 26

Canopy classic ral colored console 

Visor and canopy 27

Canopy classic volcano black

Visor and canopy 28

Canopy classic with polycarbonate

Visor and canopy 29

Glass canopy spider system

Visor and canopy 30

Glass canopy spider system

Visor and canopy 31

Glass canopy spider system

Visor and canopy 32

Glass canopy spider system

Visor and canopy 33

Glass canopy spider system

Visor and canopy 34

Glass canopy spider system

Visor and canopy 35

Glass canopy spider system

Visor and canopy 36

Canopy classic

Visor and canopy 37