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Thermal insulation

Change windows and sanitate

After replacing the windows, very good thermal insulation values are achieved in the window area and the heat losses are reduced significantly. The best are the indicators when energy-efficient treadmills, such as K glass and glass 4 seasons, are used in the joinery. Five-chamber window systems with triple glazing with energy glasses can reach thermal insulation coefficients – Uf from 0.9 to 1.1 W / m2, which coefficients are top levels talking about insulation.

Before & after – changing windows and sanitate the walls

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In order to achieve maximum results and to ensure that the entire dwelling, office, villa and others are well isolated, it is necessary to isolate other areas that are in direct contact with the external environment. This is most often a wall, but also a roof in a house or the top floor, a slab in the open terrace, a joint in panel buildings and more.

Profil Group thermal insulation is done by highly qualified specialists with extensive experience. We have a wide list of satisfied customers and to our delight it is increasing. In addition to giving the building an elegant look, renovation is at the heart of saving on heating and air conditioning. The better it is made, the more efficient it is and the greater the amount of cost saved. Values up to 70% cost savings are possible.

Cost saving

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Quality thermal insulation – greater durability and more efficiency

The renovation investment is paying off in a very reasonable timeframe, given the fact that the price of energy is constantly rising and will continue this trend. A heat-insulated or renovated building not only means economy but also comfort, tranquility and well-being for the occupant.

We at Profil Group do not compromise on thermal insulation and only use high quality materials. We work together and only with established brands in the field.

We do not consider low pricing a top priority when it comes to something so responsible and out of reach for everyone. We just do it right!

Types of thermal insulation

The most common types of thermal insulation and the ones we offer are 4:

  1. EPS – Expanded Foam – this is your well-known Styrofoam. It is white in color and has a ball-grained structure, the material is relatively soft when pressed. The cost of this insulation is the lowest, but it has the lowest thermal insulation performance.
  2. Graphite EPS – This is the so-called “NEOPOR” (the name is given by the world-renowned company BASF material manufacturer). The difference with ordinary EPS is due to the higher density of the thermal insulation webs and to the additional graphite beads embedded in the material, from which its lower thermal conductivity comes. The color in which it is produced is gray. This material is breathable, which protects buildings from burning and excessive humidity.

Warmer home

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3.XPS – “Extruded Foam” – better known as “FIBRAN” (the name comes from the name of one of the XPS manufacturing companies). The color range that can be detected is depending on the manufacturer and can be: blue, green, yellow, orange, pink …. XPS has a capillary microstructure and is very hard when pressed.

4.Stone wool or mineral wool – this is a natural fibrous material with a diameter of 4-5 mm. Minerals such as basalt, limestone, dolomite and bauxite produce these types of fibers. The minerals coalesce into an electric furnace and the glassy melt is drawn into the fibers. Stone wool is one of the well insulating and very importantly the most breathable of the rest.

Sample colors

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Useful when choosing thermal insulation

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  • Professional advice from a trader.

  • Profil Group specialist will advise you on the spot at your address for choosing the best technical and design solutions. Available on request.

  • Production – For any manufacturing operation there are specially designed machines that reduce the risk of poor quality manufacturing to a minimum.

  • Delivery – Windows and doors are delivered with specially adapted vehicles to prevent damage or scratch. The profiles have a sticker on which the logo of the manufacturer is displayed, it serves to protect the joinery from scratches. We deliver to any place.
  • Installation – It is necessary to prepare the worksite: to provide free access to the window curtain removal, covering all furniture and electrical equipment, if possible to move to another room. This is because the removal of old windows is associated with workspace, dust contamination and scratch risk. Available on request.

  • Purchase of pay-out – joinery and all other payment products from UniCredit Leasing. Available only local.

  • Quality building service around joinery and doors. Available only local.

  • Removing old dismantled doors and windows to a licensed landfill. available only local.

  • Dismantling of balconies glazed with glass and steel construction. Available only local.

  • Warranty and non-warranty service.

  • Replace old or broken glass and double glass. Available only local.

  • Replacement of classic glass with energy efficient. Available only local.
  • Installation of additional accessories – aluminum sills, window sills, decorative embossing profiles. 
  • All kind related Building services. Available only local.

  • Special installation of anchors of the joinery – without drilling the frame. Available only local.

Change windows during the winter

Informed customers know that winter is the best time to change windows. At the same time, one who is unfamiliar with the technology of installing windows is inclined to believe that installing new windows in the winter is impossible.This is due to the misconception that old houses are being chilled as the old windows are removed. The room temperature during the installation of the windows will decrease slightly / from 22 ° C to 15 ° C. This is due to the fact that:

  • Windows are not removed throughout the apartment, but gradually, one by one, they are replaced.
  • After removal, the room will be opened for no more than 20-25 minutes, during which time the installers will remove the old window (10-15 minutes), install the new windows (10-15 minutes).

Advantages of changing windows during the winter:

  • The deadline is much shorter than the summer busy season.
  • The price of windows, doors, blinds and other products is significantly lower.
  • In winter you can immediately check the effectiveness of the new windows.
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