Moisture insulating tape  between wall and window

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A little-known but extremely effective product of HENKEL and we at Profil Group recommend the installation of a hydro-insulating tape on each window. And while the focus is mainly on the type of thermal insulation material of window and its thickness in the walls, as well as on other relatively minor details, even the specialists miss something very substantial – the heat losses due to infiltration of air or more readily caused by penetration through the windows and doors of cold air in the rooms and flow out of the hot air due to lack of tightness.

In old windows this problem is extremely serious, because the sash itselves do not seal well to the frames. With the new windows with a factory-fitted quality seal on the sash and the glazing, this problem does not exist. The other one, however, is the poorly sealed joints between the frame and the wall. The fact is that this problem is underestimated, including when installing new joinery.

The solution to the problem is not so simple, especially in the long run, because the boundary between the frame and the wall, including when the facade has a thermal insulation, is always critical and if no special measures are taken, the time between them will inevitably open and gradually Expands the joint. The reason for this is the unequal coefficients of linear expansion of the different materials.

Through the cracks, apart from the increase in heat costs due to infiltration of the air, thermal insulation begins to penetrate moisture, which gradually compromites it.

The lack or insufficient thermal insulation between the window frame and the wall in the absence of common external thermal insulation creates another problem – the strong cooling of the walls around the window. This leads to a further decrease in surface temperature and as soon as it reaches the dew point (12 ° C at 60% relative humidity in the room and 20 ° C), the water vapor in the air begins to liquefy and condense on those portions of the wall moisturize them. This extremely unpleasant phenomenon soon becomes readily recognizable by the appearance of damp spots, which in the course of time become more and more obscured due to the abundant development of microalgae and molds, and the smell of mold appears.

WINTeQ is a porous sealing tape with good vapor permeability for sealing and sealing joints when installing windows and doors made of wood, plastics or metal profiles. It is available for indoor and outdoor use, the real difference between the two types of foil is that the exterior is vapor-permeable to water vapor, while water, including direct drops of water drops and wind, is completely impermeable.

The purpose is, on the one hand, to completely prevent the penetration of moisture and wind and, on the other hand, to allow the smooth passage and evaporation of the moisture entering the building structure around the joinery. Like the inner film, there is a self-adhesive strip on one side, it can be dyed, it has good grip, it is very hard and hard to break, it is capable of taking small thermal movements.

Boards and visors for windows

For additional comfort and convenience in your home and a more elegant and complete look of the window, interior PVC window sills or external water drainage aluminum boards as well as aluminum windows over the windows can be placed.

Internal window sills (boards) are placed at the base of the window below the frame. Made of durable PVC material with an elegant and rugged surface. It has a profiled bulk shape and many airbags (chambers) that deliver outstanding insulating qualities superior to natural materials. PVC window sills give a beautiful architectural appearance to the interior.

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PVC window boards are easy to clean and maintenance, resistant to detergents, scratches, scrubbing resistant and cigarettes ash resistant. They do not absorb water, and the water circles that may arise from wet pots or placed cups can easily be cleaned. They are resistant to heat and direct sunlight.

Available in white and wood decor with different widths up to 450 mm. It is also desirable to state when ordering the joinery for proper placement under the frame. It is possible to install the window sill after installing the window, but then it sticks to the wall or by strips, and there must be a sufficient distance for a better and robust grip.

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Advantages of window sills:

  • Low cost and easy to install,
  • Highly resistant to scratches and mechanical damage,
  • Highly resistant to heating with a cigarette,
  • Resistant to moisture and ultraviolet rays,
  • Excellent thermal insulation,
  • Long life – do not fade or change shape,
  • Fast and easy cleaning with any materials except abrasive.

External window sills (boards) – This ledge is made of aluminum and is specially shaped with a gradient for water drainage and waterproofing of the window. It is mounted on the outside of the frame and comes in white, RAL color and wood imitation.

Various widths of up to 300 mm are available, and the width of the aluminum ledge influences the width of the wall, the size of the heat insulation and the location of the window.

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The installment of an external window board gives a complete look to the joinery, saves plastering and wall treatment from the outside. External window sills can be added after a window is installed because they are mounted on the front of the frame. Most often this is necessary when the building is rehabilitated or after you have put on external thermal insulation. The aluminum sub-window sill is relatively inexpensive and its low cost makes it a good substitute for the more expensive stone sills.

The biggest advantage of this ledge is the strength of aluminum, which is not affected by atmospheric conditions, does not age and does not corrode. Aluminum sills are practically eternal and at the same time at a very affordable price.

For a window visor are used the same waterproof aluminum boards that are mounted at the bottom of the window. Installed on the frame on the upper section of window have a protective function. This way the glass remains protected  from water flow.

Window and door mosquito screen

An increasingly important window accessory is a mosquito screen that protects us from insects and makes our lives more comfortable and safer. Mosquitoes and flies are carriers of viruses and other parasites and are capable of transmitting the cause of the disease without themselves developing the symptoms.

Global warming also affects mosquitoes and other insects, which are increasingly beginning to move their borders to the north. Nowadays there are registered cases of West Nile infection, which in 80% of cases have no symptoms. The worry is that these cases are registered in countries where this never happaned before.

The insect nets are made in individual sizes and according to the building holes. The window mosquito screens:

  • Are made of high-quality aluminum frames and a teflon-coated fiberglass mesh,
  • The mesh is non-combustible and resists aggressive atmospheric influences – it does not burn out of the sun,
  • Require almost no any maintenance,
  • Do not reduce visibility through the window,
  • There is a possibility of powder painting of the aluminum profiles in RAL color,
  • The specificity of roller and plisse insect nets permits installation on any type of windows, as well as mounting with roller blinds at the same time.

Five main types of mesh are available: static (non-opening), hinged, roller, plisse and door type.

STATIC MOSQUITO SCREEN – This is the cheapest alternative of an insect screen. Suitable for windows that does’t need to move the net. There is an option to install and take off seasonally. Available in the following colors – white, brown, golden oak, mahogany, walnut, dark oak and RAL painted.

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HINGE TYPE OF OPENING WINDOW SCREEN – This is one of the most popular and affordable model mosquito net. It can be mounted on almost any window or door. When mounting a door, it is reinforced with an additional horizontal profile. When installed on larger doors it is possible for the frame to lose its good adhesion to the window.

Another significant disadvantage of this mosquito is that if you leave it open, when a strong wind appears, it is likely to be deformed. Its advantage is that it is very easy to disassemble and install and anyone can take it off and wash the net. The standard type is with classic hinges but can also be tightened with a built-in spring in the hinge for automatic closing. Available in white, imitation wood and RAL color.

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ROLLER MOSQUITO SCREEN – HORISONTAL & VERTICALDesigned for installation of single and double-winged windows and doors. They are made in a wide range of sizes and colors – white, wood decors and all RAL colors. The net roll (rolling mechanism) is located eather at the top of screen  and the movement is vertical – from top to bottom or at the side of the screen where the movement is horizontally – left / right. Roller mosquito is two types – window type (opens vertically) and door type (opens horizontally).

Advantages of roller mosquito screen:

  • Optimum seal against the window frame,
  • Convenience and practicality thanks to the rolling function,
  • Optimum storage of the net during the winter months,
  • Installation on any type of windows is possible, as well as to be assembled at the same time with external rolling shutters or blinds.
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PLISSE MOSQUITO SCREEN – Profil Group recommends this type for entrance and balcony doors. The window plisse screen is a specific mosquito net model that can be used for larger openable areas, such as double doors with a flying divider, a “harmonica / accordion”type of sliding Hebe Schiebe sliding, etc. This mosquito screen may cover large area with dimensions up to 5000 mm in width and height up to 2400 mm.

The collection of this model mosquito is done in the horizontal direction, folding the principle of accordion. Allows folding both the left and right edges of the window. Fully folded, the mosquito net takes a minimum area and does not interfere with the view and the passage. Available in white and in RAL color. This is a luxurious and elegant alternative to classic mosquito nets, but it excels them with reliable operating qualities and sophisticated style.
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MOSQUITO SCREEN FOR PETS – This mosquito net is made of a reinforced aluminum profile for entrance and balcony doors, along with a high-strength polypropylene mesh that resists to animal’s nails. The net is suitable for dogs and cats. Pets screen is offered in two types: With hinges and strong net and the same, but with a built-in door to pass the pet.

The no-door option is preferred by owners who do not want the pet to leave without permission. This model has a pretty solid closure. The net is resistant to nail deformity, yet it also depends on the size of the animal.

The build-in pets door option is designed for owners who want the pet to enter and leave for individual walks. The mosqito net is resistant to nail deformity, yet it also depends on the size of the animal. The doors are white and black, and the aluminium frame of the mosquito screen can be painted in RAL color as well as a wood imitation from the Profil Group palette. Pets Doors are offered in two sizes in cm: 20×25 and 30×40.

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Security handle for PVC window 

Model handles for PVC window with built-in special security gear mechanism against opening of the wing from the outside. Profil Group recommends placing these handles on the openable parts of windows. At mechanical pressure of the locking parts of the window sash from the outside, the handle prevents rotation and the window sash can not be opened. These handles are highly recommended when classic hardware is installed on window. The classic hardware does not have a security function and relys only on this type of handles.

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Security latch for windows and doors

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Very usefull security accessory is this window and door latch. It additional secures and reinforces the window. It is installe either around the hinges or in the area of ​​the handle, making it difficult for uninvited guests to penetrate through doors and windows. Particularly suitable for low and late-floor residents, because penetration through joinery (with classic hardware) is easy, fast and without any noise. Statistics show that in most robberies thieves enter home not through the front door but through the windows.

This product has a rough appearance but has exceptional strength and durability. There are many customers, praising the product for efficiency and security when trying to penetrate the windows. Security latch is good investment to protect against theft, and we, at Profil Group, recommend placing them. The product is preferred for houses, villas, warehouses and more. Applicable for PVC and aluminum windows and doors. They are one of the cheapest and most reliable way to secure your balcony door or window.

Mounting anchor for window installment without drilling the frame

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Anchor installation is preferable to the use of dowels and screws for direct mounting. Drilling the frame and fixing with a dowel or screw, damages the tightness, worsens the thermal insulation, creating the so-called cold heat.

This is a prerequisite for the formation of condensation and corrosion of the reinforcing metal, which, although galvanized over the years, weakens the structure. The metal reinforcement is this joinery element that takes on the bending and twisting loads and ensures a reliable seal between the sash and the frame as the hinges of the window sash are mounted on it.

The installation of “anchors” is obligatory for the installation of windows during the construction of the so called „passive houses“ due to minimal heat loss. This type of installation covers all European standards for maximum levels of thermal insulation.

The anchor is easily attached to the frame and is more technological than other fasteners. It makes it possible to choose the place of attachment to the wall and creates an elastic connection that compensates for the temperature extension of the frame. This is of particular importance for the colored PVC windows, which is 1.5 to 2 times larger than the white. The number of anchors and their distance from each other is determined by the size of the window and the profile type. The range of anchors is between 40 and 80 cm apart.

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