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Horizontal blinds are the most commonly used product for internal shading. These blinds are at a relatively low price without interfering with quality. Profil Group offers a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Easy to use, maintenance and discreet design make them suitable for sun protection both at home and office. The blinds are extremely durable and suitable for rooms with high humidity. They withstand temperature changes, making them preferable for garages, gazebos, summer kitchens and wet rooms.

They do not absorb odors in contrast to textiles and blinds made of natural materials. They are made of lamellas with 2 latitudes – 16 mm or 25 mm. The coating is long lasting and does not fade.

This type interior blinds can be made with irregular shape – circle, vault, trapeze.

Venetian horizontal blinds 2
Venetian horizontal blinds 3

With these venetian blinds, you can easily adjust the light output, and in the closed position they are completely dimmed.

Profil Group offers a variety of sizes, forms and ways of attaching blinds. This model of horizontal aluminum blinds is mounted on the inside of the window. They are also suitable for residential, office, commercial, industrial and administrative buildings.

The materials are high class including the Mechanisms of Hunter DouglasThe Netherlands origin. Required element is the built-in special roller for easier guiding. Lamels are aluminum, eluted aluminum originating in Greece.

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Profil Group offers horizontal blinds in a very rich range of different lamellas and colors. The portfolio of blinds for the blinds includes: float, perforated, wide range of colors in WOOD DECOR, lacquered with high gloss, matte, effect BRUSHED ALUMINUM, METALIC.

The blinds are made in two directions of grip and vision – standard and maxi. Standard-style blinds have a clear, classical look. Windows with this type are with clear and simple outlook. Maxi venetian blinds are with chic and modern outlook. On the other side the are very effective in terms of sunshading. The reil is covered with a box and aluminium guide profiles. These extras give a more complete look and further contribute to stopping the penetration of light.

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The interior horizontal aluminum blinds are available in two types of lamellas – blackout and standard. The flaps are hung with a textile cord on the so-called “ladder”. In the standard version, in the closed position, the openings of the lamellas through which the ladder passes are visible (standard execution). In the blackout model, holes remain hidden. In this way, there is almost no room for light to penetrate.