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A modern alternative to curtains and drape.

Roman blinds are extremely modern and preferred for interior shading, textiles are a modern and classic interior solution. Textile Roman style blinds are not only a sunscreen product but also part of the décor. They create an atmosphere of warmth and romance in the home. They can be an accent, addition or part of the interior for more coziness. Contemporary Roman blinds are made from beautiful fabrics and are combined with easy-to-use mechanisms. Fabrics are easily detached from the driver for cleaning and washing.

These blinds can easily be adapted to the glass roof of a winter garden in terraces and porches, which in addition to shading will give the final touch of comfort.
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Profil Group offers an extremely diverse collection of fabrics that have specific functionality: translucent fabrics gently filter the sun’s rays; Black Out fabrics completely obscure the rooms for complete rest; energy efficient fabrics reduce heating and air conditioning costs. Up to 2.8 m in width and height possible.

The fabrics are anti-static Italian and the mechanisms are Hunter Douglas Netherlands and are extremely smooth and easy to operate, reliable and practical.

Guiding is side with rope and can be mounted on windows, wall, ceiling. Most notable here is that the fabric adheres to the mechanism of the blinds with velcro, which allows for easy removal for cleaning and washing.
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