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SOMFY is a French automation company for blinds, shades, and homes in general. Somfy, through its subsidiaries, is a global leader in this field and has over 50% of global market share. Somfy’s products are of the highest quality with a 5 year warranty.

Somfy actuators comply with European and French safety standards. Motors for external roller shutters, interior blinds and sunshades meet the NF Electricity Standards issued by AFNOR. Door and garage door motors meet the standards EN 60335-2-95, EN 13 241 and NF P 25-362.

Electric motors can automate external roller blinds, shades, exterior horizontal shutters and many interior blinds.

Automatization of your blinds or sunshades has numerous advantages

  • Convenience – indoor blinds, exterior blinds and sunshades are controlled by pressing a button.

  • Energy Saving – Using a sun and wind sensor, your blinds and sunshades can be automatically lowered or lowered according to the light output, thus limiting the energy costs for cooling. In winter, program the automatic closing of the blinds at dusk, which will save heating costs.

  • Security – Pressing 1 button can lower all blinds and thus repel unwanted guests. Roller shutters with automation are very difficult to lift, unlike those without automation.

  • Extending the life of the product – By placing a wind sensor in your sun shade, it will automatically retract at stronger gusts.

  • A special feature that mimics the presence – Somfy at home and no one at home – Somfy’s automation will lift and lower the blinds at random intervals, and so it will appear that there is someone home.

  • Automated centralized radio control – possibility for simultaneous control of many groups – roller blinds, shades, external horizontal blinds, vertical and other inner blinds.

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Blinds and sunshades may automate by 4  basic ways 

  • Control key – placed on the wall in the area around the window. The switch can be for external mounting or built into the wall bracket.

  • Remote – Remote control for 1 to 5 applications or 5 application groups. The “my” function for storing your favorite position (such as the half-dropped cock) drops it instantly by pressing this button.You can control multiple blinds or shades with one remote depending on how many channels it is. On the other hand you may control them individually.

  • Radio button SMOOVE – New RTS wall mounted wireless radio controls. Sensor technology that intuitively interacts with all openings in the home. Wireless control. It can be fixed anywhere without wiring.

  • Smartphone management – No matter where you are, you can control blinds and shades from anywhere in the world using a mobile app. The system is a connection between a blind or a shade, modem of Connexoon windows and a mobile phone.

Electric motor Somfy for controling blind and sunshades 

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