Always step forward!

For 30 years, Salamander has been a symbol of the highest quality and technology in production of PVC profiles for doors and windows. The company’s products are certified to DIN 9001/9002 and RAL-GZ / 716 (items 1 and 7) and tested at the renowned institutes ift Rosenheim (Germany) and CST (France).

Profiles branded Salamander are class A, high quality PVC components, which guarantees a long service life. To date, Salamander has not exported production outside of Germany – profiles with the brand Salamander is manufactured in Turkheim, Germany, and Brugman’s in Papenburg, Germany.

Company facts:

  • Turnover (2018) – EUR 477 million.
  • Employees (2018) – 1417.

On behalf of the client:

  • Perfectly designed door and window systems.
  • Complete range of door and window accessories.
  • Extremely fast and flexible problem-solving policy.
  • Extremely high and aggressive level of production control and material storage.
  • Adequate consultation and support.
  • Professional solutions for custom doors and windows.
  • A worldwide recognized brand.