Dear Customers, We would like to express our commitment to the problem that has plagued the world and us. We support all the actions of the state and a great homage to the medics fighting the epidemic.

We would like to inform you that as of March 17, 2020, Profil Group has taken the most stringent measures to prevent the spread of the virus. More than one person is not allowed in showrooms, as well as if he is not equipped with a face safety mask. All clients without protective masks will be serviced only remotely via our  website, telephone, email, bank payment. Persons without protective masks are not allowed in the factory of Profil Group, and it is not allowed to remove the mask if the distance between persons is less than 2 meters. All office and production premises are disinfected several times a day. To date, we carry out assembly activities, but only as directed by the authorities for sanitary safety. Showrooms are open until 5 pm.

We please every client to show common sense and to be involved with the measures we take. I ask that every client make every effort to remotely communicate with the employees of Profil Group.
We reserve the right to refuse customer service if it violates our sanitary requirements.

For questions, use the contacts in the contacts section or by email:

Sincerely, Emil Pashov (Manager)

IMPORTANT: We reserve the right to discontinue our operations at any time without notice, and all terms are not objected to in the circumstances of force majeure and disasters. The time limits will be extended by as much as necessary to overcome the force majeure, in the case of COVID-19. There are no penalties for late and no commitment to repay an amount already paid. Customers who postpone scheduled mountings will not have to pay a penalty and stowage for their products, but have to make the final payment on their orders.

together we are stronger